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RAMEKO produces and distributes high-quality ecological cellulose fiber ECOLLOSE™ and various cellulose-based products that find application in numerous fields ranging from road construction to oil spill response. Among company's key products are: stabilizer for stone-mastic asphalts (SMA), sorbent for petrochemicals, and mulch for hydroseeding. Cellulose fiber ECOLLOSE™ is also used in manufacturing of dry construction mixtures (DCM), friction pads, and etc.
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RAMEKO manufactures and distributes cellulose-based products for a number of industries ranging from manufacturing to road construction, from spill response to movie and theater production.
RAMEKO was founded in 2012 with cellulose fiber ECOLLOSE™ and mulch for hydroseeding as its key products. Stabilizer for SMA and sorbent for petrochemicals were soon added to the product line. Revolutionary dry recycling method allows giving second life to waste paper and cardboard without use of water and, consequently, without any additional pollution. Our expertise allows changing our products' characteristics to adapt them to our clients' needs. We also develop, jointly with our clients, new cellulose-based products, decorative snow, insulation, and mixture for papier mâché being just a few examples.

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